BBM vs whatsapp- Deciding For Best Chatting App

BBM vs whatsapp: Download entire version of BBM for PC here. BBM is one of the best messaging app and now it also available as BBM for pc, BBM for Android , BBM for iOS, BBM for Mac. BBM is launched by Black Berry mobile company. BBM app is initially launched only for the Black Berry mobile, after seeing its successful growth and the official Black Berry Company decided to launch this bbm app for all other platforms also. Now this bbm app is available for all type of platforms like bbm for pc, bbm for android, bbm for iOS, bbm for Mac, bbm for windows phone and etc.Get comparison results for BBM with Whatsapp.
bbm for pc

1)Groups Messages: BBM vs Whatsapp

bbm group chat
bbm vs whatshapp
The both application creating a group of up to 50 people.but BBM for Pc groups are more secure and provide more options for the admin.such as setting a password which is missing from whatsapp.Download BBM for Android phone and installation procedure

2)status and profile: BBM vs Whatsapp

bbm status and profile
bbm status and profile
status defines.what you are currently doing.The whatsapp by default offer some basic status.But BBM you can add what's in your mind and another advantages record of you updates.That includes"what is your mind" and profile pictures updates and visible only your contacts

3)Messaging: BBM vs Whatsapp

BBM app provides us the unlimited messaging services.which will allows you to sent the messaging services to the user's and allow you to receive messaging services to the users.The whatsapp app provides the limited messaging service.Retract a message to remove  from your BBM app. Whatsapp retract messaging not removed.BBM for Windows can be available .

4)Location: BBM vs Whatsapp

BlackBerry messaging application in share the location.The whatsapp application will not sharing the location. By using the bbm app we can share the location to your friends and relatives but with whatsapp we can't share our location.

5) Files Transferring: BBM vs Whatsapp

BBM file transfer
BBM file transfer
BBM app sending the files such as documents,photos,videos up to 16 MB. Share photos and multiple contacts at once.The whatsapp is sending only for photo and videos.Also You can get IOS supported BBM.

6) Emoticons and professionalization: BBM vs Whatsapp

bbm emoticons
bbm emoticons
BBM comes 90 core emoticons whatsapp below that our of the water with 180,though at least on a black berry. BBM has access to about 600 hidden emoticons.The BBM app send unlimited message in at one mint us. BBM app use the hidden our personal chat and important files.Get guide for BBM vs IMO and get to know about BBM.

7)voice and video chat: BBM vs Whatsapp

bbm video and voice chat
bbm video and voice chat
Both BBM and whatsapp support the sending of audio snippets recorded directly from the device. BBM certainly wins out the whatsapp. The quality of real-time video call in BBM  in fantastic in fact. voice notes sent cross platform on whatsapp were a little on the leggy side.And you can share video files back and forth on whatsapp, there's no live video chat. Again BBM wins out with stable video chat and newer addition of  screen sharing.Browse here to get BBM for Nokia Lumia full download.

8)Notifications and profile: BBM vs Whatsapp

bbm notification
bbm notification
Both the application has an option to opt-out of the notifications.which by default are on. BBM has a little advantages over whatsapp when it comes notification. BBM connected  icon in out notification tray. 


By seeing the above factors the bbm messenger will provide the secured chatting with your friends and relatives but interface wise whatsapp will be most convenient and so ultimately BBM can be used for professional chatters and whatsapp can be used for any age chatter's.


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